Hays Street Bridge Family Portraits

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Today we got to go hang out with the Long Family at Hays Street Bridge for their petite family session.  Man the weather has kept us on our toes recently but we were able to snag a bit of sunlight on this beautiful day to take these photos.  Here are a couple of our favorites!

San Antonio Family Photographer San Antonio Family Photographer

I think it is pretty easy to see that 1) this dad is going to have his hands very full one day and 2) that these girls are well loved and have fun where ever they go!  Below are these precious girls momma and daddy.  I think it’s easy to see where they get their smiles and laughter from.  And how about dad’s beard?!  Isn’t it awesome!!!  In this family session we had 3 generations present which is always a beautiful thing.

Hays Street Bridge Family Photos Hays Street Bridge Family Photos Hays Street Bridge Family Photos

Hays Street Bridge Family Portraits

San Antonio Family Photos

I love the middle daughter in the photos below.  Check her out splitting poses between both sisters.  And after all this yucky weather we even got ourselves a sunset!San Antonio Family Photos Hays Street Bridge Family Portraits

And I just had to share the sequence below.  This momma made this whole photo shoot happen and she walked away with photos of the people she loves the most.  Way to go Momma!  Job well done!Hays Street Bridge Family Portraits

Interested in learning more about our Petite Lifestyle Family Sessions?  Please reach out!  They are perfect for families with younger kiddos who can’t sit still for long!